About Felicity

Zennistar - About Felicity

Felicity’s spiritual awakening started in the year 2004. While majoring in English Literature in university, she had the chance to understand humanity and tapped into the bright and dark sides of the human hearts through peeping into the world’s great literary works. Her sensitivity towards human’s emotions was expanded further when she first met one of her soul mates. Later, the sudden disappearance of her soul mate put her on the quest of seeking the universal truth and got her on the path of spirituality. Felicity discovered that tarot can solve doubts and help us understand the self so that we can be better prepared and face life’s challenges with wisdom and guidance from our subconscious mind and Higher Power.

Having a strong interest in classical paintings prepared her for further studies in tarot because like paintings, tarot talks to us through images and symbols. Being a self-taught tarot reader gives her the freedom and creativity to interpret the tarot cards solely based on her intuition inspired by the cards without the influence of others. You will find her readings having a flow because she is swimming in the river of the subconscious to meet with yours whenever she conducts a reading.

Hoping to help more people with her ability, she will continue to learn and perfect her crafts in tarot readings as well as developing her abilities in mediumship.

As a professional tarot reader based in Hong Kong, Felicity hopes to reach out to the locals and organizes activities related to tarot.