Are you living for the soul connection?


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Soul connection is one of the most wonderful things that can happen in one’s life. Not only will we learn so much about ourselves from this connection but also it leads us back to the Universe/God/the Source energy. However, before we can allow what the soul connection can bring us at the later stage of the soul union, we have to avoid the trap of being consumed by this connection and planning our life around it. It is because the main purpose of the soul connection is for us to focus on ourselves and shed our shadow selves thus get to learn to let God/Universe guide us on our paths.

Knowing that you and your loved one will reunite together at later stage sometimes will make you imagine how things come to manifest and when things will happen hence during the time of waiting and your learning, you might start to plan your life or your future around this soul connection or soul reunion. This way, you are going against the purpose of the connection and slow down the process of the Universe bringing the two of you back together again. Another thing is that the more you plan your life around the soul connection, the sooner you want the reunion to manifest and you will feel impatient and finally it will frustrate you.

A soul connection is never about you focusing on or serving the connection but it is about you focusing on yourself, your life and lessons. And by focusing on yourself, you are actually serving the connection because the connection is for you to manifest the highest form of your soul in order to bring the Love down to Earth from the Source. So instead of asking if your decision will lead you to the soul reunion with your loved one, ask yourself if the decision made is serving you, your future or your highest good. Once you do this, you will feel free from the expectations of the connection and allow things to manifest in a natural way.

Are you living for the soul connection or for yourself? If you have been living for the soul connection, it is time to turn things around and start focusing on yourself. The timing and the method of soul reunion is not directed by you but by the Universe/God. All of these factors you have no control of. Therefore, you can only focus on what you can manage — your own life, future and plans.

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