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In-depth one question tarot reading (20 mins)

USD $ 19

Three questions in-depth tarot reading (45 mins)

USD $ 49

Five questions in-depth tarot reading (60 mins)

USD $ 69

Year forecast tarot reading (75 mins)

– 12-month year forecast reading
– Detailed description of main energy or lessons, people or events for each month throughout a whole year
– Focus on one area OR areas of your life (e.g. career or romantic love or both)

USD $ 79

(The list below is just some of the spreads I do, if there is a need for a custom order, the price remain the same, it is just that I will design a spread for you if the list below cannot answer your question. Please write in the email which of the following spread or question you would like to ask the card about.)

List of the tarot spreads

How does he/she think about me? Tarot spread

– Find out how he or she think about you in a romantic way. Look at how the friendship or relationship manifest and see if there is a chance for further developing into serious romantic relationship.

Potential coming of love/future love interest tarot reading

– Description of future potential love interest in area of career, appearance, weakness, strength, emotional traits, how you will meet, potential of the relationship, will it be instant attraction

Have I missed a chance with him/her? Tarot spread

– Wondering if you have missed a chance with anyone because you were distracted by someone else or focused on other things the time you met him/her? This is a spread for you.
– Find out how he/she felt then and how you felt about him/her. Find out the dynamic that you created the time during the friendship was active. Your lesson from the interaction with this person. Action to be taken to catch his/her attention again. The outcome after contacting the person.

Life purpose and career direction tarot reading

– Find out your purpose in life in this life time. Discover your strength and how to put the strength into your work.
– The challenges or lessons or skills you are learning from your work.

Couple/romantic interest compatibility tarot reading

– Find out the compatibility with your partner on the areas of communication, action style, the ability to love one another, current lesson(s) and the dynamic you are creating as a couple

Career and soul path compatibility tarot reading

– Find out how your potential, action style and soul path fit in with your current job/career and the dynamic you are creating with your company, and the main lesson you are learning in the job

Same sex relationship tarot reading

– Tailor-made for people in same sex relationship
– Information and solutions provided with empathy

Cross-road/two choices tarot reading

– To see how two paths manifest for you in the future so that you can choose what you think is the best for you based on the advice or possible outcome given by the cards. The decision making process is still in your hand.

Tarot for your party/event

– Invite a tarot reader to your party/event/spiritual workshop
– Afternoon tea (sets of tea ware can be rented)with a tarot reader for a small group of guests or friends (not more than 10 people)
– Please send email to : for further arrangement.


-By law I must state this service should be taken as entertainment purposes only. I cannot be held responsible for your own actions or those of others.