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Do you believe in true love?

  Most of us dream about meeting The One and building a good relationship with the one true love. But how many of us actually believe in true love or true love happening to us? Without believing in true love, it is difficult to recognize it when it finally enters …


The Need to Feel Important

  It seems that human beings always would like to feel important especially when it comes to relationships. We always are looking for reassurance from our partner, wanting our partner to show how they feel, wanting them to show we are actually important in their heart and to prove that …


Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship

  Sometimes a relationship can turn into a long distance relationship due to job relocation. Sometimes you meet someone from overseas who clicks with you during your trip or through online dating. Even though technology has been improved over the last decades and brings convenience in the way we communicate …


Soulmate Twin Flame Separation

Soulmate or Twin Flame Separation is one of the toughest challenges one can face in life.     Often times, we cannot figure out why the runner will run away from such strong connection and why we cannot seem to pull ourselves away from such connection. But as soon as …


Love with your heart, not your head.

One of the wonderful things of having a soulmate connection is that you can communicate with your soulmate telepathically; one of the worst things of having a soulmate connection is that sometimes you pick up something you might not want to hear from your soulmate or you feel their emotions …


More than one soulmate.

When we think about soulmate we usually think that soulmate is the one and only that fits perfectly into our life and the one who is meant to be with us forever. In fact, we have more than one soulmate. Soulmate can be your friend, family member, teacher, colleague, and …