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The Need to Feel Important

  It seems that human beings always would like to feel important especially when it comes to relationships. We always are looking for reassurance from our partner, wanting our partner to show how they feel, wanting them to show we are actually important in their heart and to prove that …

true love

Twin Flame Separation is a Blessing

Twin Flame separation can be one of the most devastating events that happens in one’s life. Although the souls always know separation is just an illusion, the ego always struggles to find out the reasons why such beautiful thing can happen in one’s life and then be taken away from …


Soulmate Twin Flame Separation

Soulmate or Twin Flame Separation is one of the toughest challenges one can face in life.     Often times, we cannot figure out why the runner will run away from such strong connection and why we cannot seem to pull ourselves away from such connection. But as soon as …


Why do we have soulmates ?

When we hear the word “soulmate”, the image of a couple holding hands and walking to the path of future happily ever after will come to our mind. If someone tells you that meeting a soulmate is not about being together forever, you might not believe it because that message …


Have I met my soul mate?

Have I met my soulmate? Many of you may ask after meeting him/her for the first time and feel something more than just physical attractions. Only your soul knows if he/she is your soulmate because your soul feels things that the eyes cannot see. But why am I having doubts …