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Is ordering a tarot reading unmanly?

  Some of you may wonder. Is ordering a tarot reading unmanly? Tarot or any kind of divination tools are always associated with femininity. It is because women are said to be the ones who are more intuitive or more willing to act on their intuition. Actually both women and …


Tarot Reading or Fortune Telling?

  In the past, tarot was a deck of playing card. Slowly it became a tool for fortune telling. However, depending on how you form the questions and how you view tarot readings, tarot in fact can be a great tool for spiritual guidance. It can let you see the …


Online tarot readings or in-person tarot readings?

  As the communication tools and technology improved, more and more traditional client-oriented service can be provided to clients throughout the world via the internet nowadays. Tarot reading is one of the services that are benefited from the use of internet. Clients nowadays can receive the transcript of the reading …