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The Feeling of Guilt

  In society, the feeling of guilt in all of us can help regulate the order of society and promotes good in all of us. When we feel we have done something wrong, we feel guilty and hopefully we learnt from the mistakes and never repeat doing something wrong again. …


How to make a decision without regrets?

  The Universe respects our free will and we are constantly presented with many different choices. That means we always need to make a decision in life as to which choice we would choose. This can be scary for many people because most of us are afraid of making a …


Heal yourself first.

When we were a child, we did not have wounds. Everything around us was beautiful and we had great trust in humanity. As we grow older, we are left with some scars here and there. Some call those scars experience but to me, true experience is the wounds that we …


Learning to let go

Sometimes after doing all we can to maintain a relationship without success or after knowing that you need to separate with your soulmate in order to let each other to learn lessons, it’s time to let go. Letting go does not mean we stop caring. Letting go simply mean that …