Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship



Sometimes a relationship can turn into a long distance relationship due to job relocation. Sometimes you meet someone from overseas who clicks with you during your trip or through online dating. Even though technology has been improved over the last decades and brings convenience in the way we communicate with each other, the frustration of wanting to be close to your loved one cannot be reduced. Dealing with a long distance relationship takes a lot of patience and understanding, sometimes it is best to relax and let go of control or expectations.

One of the things that annoys the couples in long distance relationships is the uncertainties of the future. Both parties are not sure where the relationship is heading to and there are temptations of wanting to give up and starting a new relationship with another. The emotional support and sexual tension are not easy to solve. Sometimes the time differences add to the frustration in communications especially when both parties have to fulfill their daily duties and obligations. Also, sometimes a long distance relationship can trigger the insecurities of both parties or one of the parties and it might result in jealousy or manipulations or mistrust. Even though there are lots of challenges ahead in a long distance relationship, it does not mean that we have to give up hope. We can still learn how to deal with it.

Due to the complications or uncertainties of a long distance relationship brings us, it is best to avoid dealing it like how you deal with a relationship without the distance, in other words, we have to let go of expectations we used to have in a normal relationship. Now, we cannot expect our loved one to communicate with us all the time or to offer emotional support or emotional and physical closeness, now it is time to rely on our own when it comes to our own happiness or unhappiness. We have to take responsibilities of ourselves in all areas of our lives. Only then will we avoid blaming others while the other is not available for communication due to distance or duties.

Another way to treat a long distance relationship is to socialize just like before you have met your partner. Keeping a normal social life or even go dating does not mean betrayal, it simply means that you are exploring other options and see if you love your long distance partner enough to resist temptations. At the same time, allow your partner to do the same. A long distance relationship is a test for both parties to see if their relationship is based on passion or true love and understanding. Also, have faith in Higher Power that the distance is the test to see if both parties can overcome challenges the distance brings them and allow both parties to interact and learn from other people as well. Maybe both parties need to gather life experience before they can finally narrow their physical and emotional distance. There is always a reason for things that happen.

A long distance relationship can be a nice relationship to have if both parties can relax and let love flow between them and not hold onto any old patterns or expectations the same way they expect from the normal relationship without distance. Instead of worrying about the future, stay in the moment and let Higher Power lead the way.

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