Do you believe in true love?



Most of us dream about meeting The One and building a good relationship with the one true love. But how many of us actually believe in true love or true love happening to us? Without believing in true love, it is difficult to recognize it when it finally enters into our lives. Without believing in true love, we will subconsciously reject true love (twin flame runner chaser dynamic) when it happens to us. Without believing in true love, it is difficult for the Universe/God to bring true love into our lives because the disbelief blocks the manifestation.

Sometimes we all think that we believe in true love just because we want true love in our lives. However, after years of experience with relationships and accumulate the emotional upsets from relationships, we might doubt about the existence of true love or reject the idea of true love. And the doubting might not be obvious because it lies in the subconscious mind. Therefore, it is very important to dive deep into our subconscious mind in order to find out whether we believe in true love or not. The following situations described are examples of how you can observe yourself in your own response to situations to find out your belief in true love.


  1. When you are watching romantic movies, do you think that the happy ending or the coming together of two people forming a harmonious relationship only happen in movies?

(If the answer is yes, it indicates that you start losing hope in finding true love.)


  1. When you are watching romantic movies, do you wish that there is a happy ending because reality is too cruel and you wish to get a happy feeling from it?

(If the answer is yes, then it might indicate that you have been burdened by reality and past experience and you might think true love is too good to be true.)


  1. When your friends are telling you about their new found love and do you immediately think about their past experience or yours and feel that their love might bring troubles or got taken away later?

(If you think so, then it can mean that you have not fully healed from past relationships yet.)


  1. When someone wants to start a relationship with you, do you have doubts and worry it is too good to be true and that it will end in tears later because past experience show you so?

(If you think this way, it indicates that past experience has burdened you and a disbelief of love has been formed in your belief system and there needs to be healing done for the past relationships.)

 The above situations are just examples, to find out your belief in true love, it is important to observe your response when the topic of true love is brought up in conversations or situations in both your life and life of others.

When you find out that you have doubt about true love, it is time to revisit the old relationships or experience. No matter how much pain or the sad feelings the past memories will bring you, just revisit it and release any emotional feelings from there. Finally leave that space with understanding and forgiveness and bring with you the lessons you have learnt from the past . This way, you will neutralize any negative notions or feelings about love.

It is true that to encounter true love, first we have to believe in true love. In the case of true love, we have to assess situation on case to case basis. Most important of all, trust your heart and intuition. Even there was unpleasant experience in the past; the past experience came in to prepare us for true love. When true love comes to you, embrace it.

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