How to make a decision without regrets?



The Universe respects our free will and we are constantly presented with many different choices. That means we always need to make a decision in life as to which choice we would choose. This can be scary for many people because most of us are afraid of making a wrong decision and end up with regrets. Some of us even want to avoid making a decision by letting others make a decision for them so as to avoid the responsibility of a decision made. There is no doubt that making a decision requires one to take responsibility of one’s life and the self. How can we take full responsibility of ourselves and make a decision without regrets?

Following your own heart and avoid the logical mind can be one of the ways to make a decision without regrets. It is because your spirit guides and your soul communicate with you through your own feelings and intuition. Your soul already knows which choice best suits you. Usually you will feel right when you have made a decision that your soul intends. However the mind or your ego will interfere trying to inject fearful ideas into your mind so as to stop you from following your path because sometimes following your path can be risky. Making a decision that is right for your soul purpose does not mean it is an easy way out, it simply means that you will have strength to handle challenges on the way and there might be some soul contracts to fulfill before arriving at your path.

Sometimes a certain decision might not take you to where you want to be at once but there is no doubt that you will collect certain experience or skills that lead you to your final destination of your path. Making a decision that is based on your heart’s desire seldom leads to regrets because it is your own choices and your soul’s intends. Also, it saves you from remorse or the need to blame others when the result of the choices made does not lead to your intended result. When you look back at the decisions that were made based on others’ expectations, you would find that often times you will have regrets which are the results of not following your heart.

Another way to know if you are making a right decision is to ask yourself whether you will have regret later if you follow this decision, if the answer is yes, then choose the opposite choice. When you are not sure which choice to make, of course a tarot reading can help you by exploring the different outcomes of two choices. But in the end, it is up to you to choose your path. Once the decision has been made, it is wise to follow it and stick with it for a while before you decide that you have made a bad decision because things need time to manifest and efforts need to be put in for the best results. So do not give up your choice easily.

Regrets are there when we feel the decision cannot bring us the intended result but rest assure that when you have followed your heart the moment you made the decision, you are on the right path because it is your soul’s intended for the choice you have chosen. Sometimes the intended result will manifest in the way we never imagine or the intended result not manifesting simply is the door to another path which leads us to final destination.

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