Love with your heart, not your head.


One of the wonderful things of having a soulmate connection is that you can communicate with your soulmate telepathically; one of the worst things of having a soulmate connection is that sometimes you pick up something you might not want to hear from your soulmate or you feel their emotions and take them as your own and that make you confused with your own emotions.

The other day I was surfing the internet and suddenly I heard a voice saying ‘She has stopped writing me emails, she doesnt love me anymore.’ Immediately I had a feeling that this was sent by my soulmate. I reached for the calendar at once wanting to find out why I would get this message on that date. I looked at the calendar and guess what, it was the date that we met for the last time right after his father’s funeral. I guess when he remembered his father, he remembered that was also the date we last saw each other. I was shocked because it’s him who cut off contact in the first place and it’s not true that I feel nothing for him anymore. For me, sending emails is not an act of showing someone love anymore. Afterwards I was a bit down because my soulmate is still using his head to measure or get reassurance of love, he is still in his insecure mode and need people to prove love to him. That was what I did before and this time I am not going to prove love anymore for love cannot be proven, love can only be felt by heart. I am determined to break off the unhealthy cycle I was in with him.

When it comes to love, one cannot measure love, one can only feel love by heart. If someone does things out of love for you, you are bound to feel it. If someone does something out of bad intentions, you can feel it too. Sometimes what we see is not what we get. Love cannot be measured, love can only be felt by heart. So we need to stop asking our partner whether he/she loves us or not, feel it and you will know. It’s more efficient to feel than to ask because at times people say things against their own will/heart.

Sometimes people choose their partner by looking at their background or outlooks. If they match with their own background or outlook, then they think that would be a good match for them even though their own heart is screaming no. When it comes to love, we have to look beyond the material world/physical world for love does not belong to the material world, love comes from a higher place. Love belongs to the place where there is no time nor limits, the place where things never die and therefore love never dies.

So when it comes to love, dear readers. Feel it by heart, give up measuring love by the analytical brain for love cannot be seen, love can only be felt.

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