Have I met my soul mate?


Have I met my soulmate? Many of you may ask after meeting him/her for the first time and feel something more than just physical attractions. Only your soul knows if he/she is your soulmate because your soul feels things that the eyes cannot see. But why am I having doubts if he/she is my soulmate? Well, the human brains/mind needs reassurance and proof. Even your soul has told you that he/she is your soulmate, your mind still wants evidence or something that can be seen. That’s ok. At some point, you are bound to know if he/she is your soulmate. There are signs that are sent by your soul to let you know.

The following list can help you identify a soulmate.

— The first time you meet, you just have inner knowing that this is your soulmate. You feel familiarity between you two. When your eyes meet, neither you nor him/her look away because you are comfortable gazing into each other’s eyes.

— You feel a bit of a pull in your heart sometimes and your soulmate’s name comes up in your mind.

— You feel the freedom of being yourself in front of each other because you are sure that your relationship is based on more than just physical attractions. Even when there are disagreements sometimes, you feel that it’s normal and respect him/her. You do not feel the need to change him/her to fit you.

— A sense of peace comes to you when you are together. When both of you are experiencing silent moments, you do not feel the pressure to find something to talk about to fill the gap, you just relax and enjoy the silent moments together.

— You have dreams about him/her sometimes. Not those wet dreams. But dreams that carry significant meanings. It’s like your soul is trying to convey a message about you two in your dreams.

— Even before you meet, you are stirred to something that foreshadows the meeting. For example, you suddenly visit the country where your soulmate is living. Or you suddenly are interested in the culture of your soulmate before you meet each other.

— Your conversations are free floating. You do not need to think hard to come up with a topic in conversations. Conversations just keep going. Sometimes you find out that your interests are similar.

— Even if he/she is not your type, you are fine with it not because of compromise but because you feel the lightness of the soul/heart when you are together.

— You kinda sense the future of you two. You know things that are about to happen to him/her before they happen.

There are many more signs to determine if you have met your soulmate. Like I said, only your soul knows if you have met your soulmate. When you do meet one, that means you are ready to face something that your soul prepares for you.

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