More than one soulmate.


When we think about soulmate we usually think that soulmate is the one and only that fits perfectly into our life and the one who is meant to be with us forever. In fact, we have more than one soulmate. Soulmate can be your friend, family member, teacher, colleague, and lover. Soulmates are those whom we spent our previous lives with and chose to incarnate in this life with us and bring lessons to us. Soulmate encounter is about learning lessons together because soulmates know when and how to push our buttons.

Usually there are signs to let you know whether one you have met is your soulmate or not. Today I am able to pinpoint the soulmates I have met in previous lives and enter my life in this life time. Whenever I meet a soulmate, the name of a writer Oscar Wilde is present. Sometimes we mention Wilde in our conversation, sometimes his works are discussed, sometimes we found out that we both love Wilde’s works, and sometimes Wilde’s book just happened to be at the cafe that we were at. And later, we found out more common interests and the conversations just kept going on and on.

So meeting a soulmate does not mean having a boy/girl relationship. Soulmates come to our life to inspire us, to teach us lessons and to help us to grow. There is always a strong bond between you two no matter where you are. It’s not uncommon for soulmates to fall in love with each other. If that happens, that is a good thing and wonderful thing. But times one is ready and the other is not or both are not ready. That is the most challenging case for soulmates. When this situation occurs, both need to go their own ways to get rid of their junks and to meet new people in order to learn because if they are together, the unbalanced energy can be distructive. Soulmates’ actions mirror each other and it brings conflicts to the self.

If one has reached another level in soul development and the other has not, dont worry, dear reader for the universe/God is always kind enough to send another soulmate to walk the path with us after we have completed part of our lessons. So if we have lost a soulmate or being turned down by a soulmate because of fear of the soulmate, dont despair, we will meet another one later in life. Soulmate might not enter our life right after one’s soulmate left but it’s all worth the wait. So please dont be in a relationship with anyone for the sake of being in a relationship. Heal yourself first. If we need another person to help us heal, that’s not healing, that’s dependency which can be dangerous.

We have more than one soulmate indeed. Soulmates play different roles in our life. They can be teachers, family members, colleagues, and friends. One always has at least one soulmate in their life—usually more than one. When your lover is your soulmate, cherish this relationship for it’s more challenging and not everyone can recognise a soulmate element in a relationship.

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