Is ordering a tarot reading unmanly?



Some of you may wonder. Is ordering a tarot reading unmanly? Tarot or any kind of divination tools are always associated with femininity. It is because women are said to be the ones who are more intuitive or more willing to act on their intuition. Actually both women and men can have same amount of intuition if they practice to distinguish the way their intuition communicate with them. However, society has been pushing men to close their intuition or any kind of display of emotion by making them believe that showing emotion or intuition might be the sign of weakness. Therefore, activities or things that are associated with the notion of femininity will be avoided by men fearing that this kind of thing will reduce their projection of masculinity.

We all know that we as humans have emotions regardless of gender role. Keeping emotions under control or avoiding the feelings can cause more harm than good. The world is made up with polarity, Ying and Yang, male and female, dark and light. To maintain the balance of everything is the key. It is because universe or Higher Power does not strictly bind just a single energy into our physical body, whether you are male or female, we always have certain amount of both female and male energy in our body. Sometimes we use one energy more than the other but it does not mean that we do not need the other energy or we lack the other energy. Therefore, as a man, it is perfectly fine to feel or to have emotions. And it is perfectly fine to participate in tarot reading or any kind of activities that society consider feminine.

Moreover, in ancient times, many kings or emperors are said to have consulted shaman before going to war or making a decision that can bring changes to their kingdom. It is the modern society that injects the concept of femininity into any use of divination tools. For men, it is wise to think that using divination tools such as tarot can actually help them to better their future because they can make changes to slightly alter the outcome of a tarot reading. Tarot reading can also help men to see where they are now in order to step into the path they are meant to walk on. That is why ancient kings did consult shaman and approve of the use of divination tools. Tarot reading is one of the ways to get to know if they were heading to the path they were meant to walk on. Therefore, ordering a tarot reading does not reduce manliness but rather enhance a man’s success in their direction in life.

All in all, tarot readings can benefit both genders as long as the reading intends to empower rather than just delivering the future prediction. Both men and women need guidance in their life at some point in their life, it is just that women are more open to consult others or ask for help. The good thing is that with technology improvement, men nowadays can order a tarot reading online without worrying being seen in a tarot fair or being labeled.

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