Q & A

1. What is a tarot reading?

A tarot reading is the use of a tarot deck as a divination tool which has symbols and images to solve issues or doubts of one’s life. Tarot is also a mirror reflecting the inner side and subconscious mind of the sitter so that any wounds or deep-rooted issues can be brought to the surface for resolution.

2. What types of questions should I ask in a tarot reading?

Open-ended questions can help get the most detailed information and get the most out of a tarot reading.

3. Do you predict timing of certain events?

Since timing of some events depends upon the actions or spiritual progress of more than one person and most of future events are not set in stone, it is better to know what events are likely to happen rather than giving a time frame.

4. What are the styles of your reading consultations?

My readings are therapeutic in nature and help bring out the deep-rooted issues or shadow sides so that clients can make changes in life to face obstacles with courage or to attract positive energy into their life. All readings will be delivered in the tone of kindness and empathy with the image of the cards drawn.

5. How will you handle your clients’ personal information?

All personal information and correspondence will be kept in strict confidential.

6. Do you give free readings?

Conducting readings require time and use of energy and it is my profession, part of your financial contribution will be used in research in development of tarot as educational purpose. One of the goals of my tarot readings is to help people. Therefore, all the readings are reasonably priced.

7. Do you predict death, pregnancy or illness?

Nowadays, medical treatment and consultations are well-developed, it is better to consult medical professionals in such matters.

8. Do you deliver readings in other formats other than emails?

In rare cases, yes, I can deliver readings via phone, audio or online chats. e.g. Skype. Please send me email for further arrangement.

9. How often should I order a tarot reading?

It is wise to avoid asking the same questions twice. Sometimes after getting the advice from the cards and act accordingly, we need to give time for things to develop.

10. Can I order a reading to find out personal information of my loved one or people that are closed to me without their permission?

Honest communications and trust are the keys to healthy relationships. Tarot can help find out ways and methods to better the relationships. It is better to respect other people’s privacy. Unless there are matters involving you, it is wise to avoid intruding others’ privacy.

11. Ordering a tarot reading is against my religion but I would like to try, should I proceed?

There is no absolute right or wrong in such a matter. Tarot, when put into good use, can help individuals on the path of spiritual progress, self-understanding and acceptance. Like all religions, tarot helps guide us to a path of enlightenment. It is up to the individual to choose which methods to use. Therefore, it is up to you to choose whether to order a tarot reading or not.

12. What is the driving force behind a tarot reading?

It is wise to invite guidance from the Light source which is love based. Before conducting each of the reading, I say a little prayer to invite highly spiritually evolved light beings to protect reading as well as to give guidance on matters with the ‘highest good of all’ in mind. It is also wise to use common sense and personal wisdom when interpreting the cards in a tarot reading.