Soulmate Twin Flame Separation

Soulmate or Twin Flame Separation is one of the toughest challenges one can face in life.




Often times, we cannot figure out why the runner will run away from such strong connection and why we cannot seem to pull ourselves away from such connection. But as soon as we turn within, all the answers can be found and slowly we lean towards the spiritual connection to not only the runner, but to God or Higher Power or Universe.

After years of going through the self made ups and downs brought by the soul connection, I finally come up from the emotions and see the beauty of the separation and how the Universe is actually teaching us about love in this soulmate twin flame separation. The following is the passages I wrote for the people I care about. I hope this letter can help you go though your tough time too.

I think that you are learning about love and lost. This is a very common theme and it might be the main theme of every human being. When we love something or we feel connected to something or someone, often we have hard time letting it go whether it is physical distance or physical death,because it is very rare that we feel it that way, our whole world change cos of something so special happen to us and we just falling deeper and deeper for this feeling, it is like drug, when the drug is here with us, we are happy. when it is gone, we feel lost. But universe or God wants us to know that we have all the love within us, it is about feeling the divine above and within us. Actually the love for our soul mate connection with pets or a human is similar to the feeling of divine love/higher power love. It is through the connection that we experience this and it is wonderful. By taking away the pets or someone we feel connected to, universe wants to teach us that even without the connection of pets or someone, we can be happy and feel the power of love cos love is beyond the boundary of physical earth, so we begin to know that we are whole and do not need someone or pets to make us happy, we often feel sadness because we feel that something has taken away from us and we feel that we own that pets or someone, we feel that they are part of us, it is because we do not feel whole, actually we are whole and complete without others completing us. and to know that our soul is eternal is very important. through many life times, we will experience love and lost again and again in order to learn to love and to let go after tasting the soul mate love with pets or someone. so we learn that love is not just physical, it exists in the soul level because our souls love the souls of that certain pet or certain human. I hope this concept is not too difficult to understand. not sure if i explain it well or not.

Just remember, you can love and if the objects of our love pass away or leave us, we can still love them, of course we will miss them but this does not make us so emotional. emotions are fine but if you truly understand how the universe works, you will not feel so sad and you know that we can always find the souls or communicate with the souls that have left the earth. when we leave this earth, we can find the souls we love also. so it is not going to end and not the end of everything, it is just the life completing its cycle. like grass, in spring, they grow, in fall, they wither. but the roots of grass always stay under the soil, they never die, it is just that they are hidden under the soil and we cannot see them with our naked eyes. so the grass, one year or 4 seasons are their life cycle, and for human, a few decades are their life cycles, after one cycles, another cycle can begin again, so the people you have great connection with can choose to come back to earth again and again and have interactions with you. I used to not understand this concept but as my experience grow and my soul learning grows, i understand it and know more about it. keep walking your path and i think some day, you will understand it and can let go. it is all about love and letting go whether it is physical death of someone or just physical absence of someone.


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