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Deck Review: Romantic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

    As the old saying goes ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’. This concept is applicable when it comes to describing Romantic Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo. Having a couple passionately kissing in a gondola in the front of the box and a lady dressing in ball gown …


Online tarot readings or in-person tarot readings?

  As the communication tools and technology improved, more and more traditional client-oriented service can be provided to clients throughout the world via the internet nowadays. Tarot reading is one of the services that are benefited from the use of internet. Clients nowadays can receive the transcript of the reading …


Love with your heart, not your head.

One of the wonderful things of having a soulmate connection is that you can communicate with your soulmate telepathically; one of the worst things of having a soulmate connection is that sometimes you pick up something you might not want to hear from your soulmate or you feel their emotions …