Tarot Reading or Fortune Telling?



In the past, tarot was a deck of playing card. Slowly it became a tool for fortune telling. However, depending on how you form the questions and how you view tarot readings, tarot in fact can be a great tool for spiritual guidance. It can let you see the bigger picture and also reflect the deep-rooted issues that prevent you from moving forward in life. I see fortune telling as a way to let you know that the future is fixed and what is predicted will happen in the future while tarot reading is a compass guiding you through the sea of life, it is like a star that lights up your path and let you see what is ahead of you, you have a certain amount of power to change certain outcome as the future is not fixed.

Fortune telling has its attraction because it simply let the sitter know what is going to happen, whether you work hard to achieve or not has very little effect on the outcome. It simply takes away our power to live, to change, or to make efforts. It tells us to surrender to life, to bow to some mysterious power that is higher than our own. When the prediction is negative, it discourages us to take action to make changes in life in order to alter the outcome. When the prediction is positive, it also prevents us from making efforts to achieve what we want to achieve because it assumes that future is fixed, we can just sit back and relax and wait for it to happen.

To prevent ourselves from getting trapped into the illusion that future is fixed, it is better to use tarot as a guiding tool and let it shed lights on the situation we are in and then we make changes in order to better the outcome. Tarot always reflects the inner issues and struggles of the sitter, a professional tarot reader with ethic will certainly tell the truth and deliver the message as the cards show. Sometimes truth is difficult to accept, but also refusing to hear the truth will slow down the learning process and preventing one from learning the lessons and moving forward in our life. What we have to do after hearing the truth is that we need to make changes, take action in order to improve our life and learn what we need to learn from certain experience so that history will not repeat itself once again. Only then will we reap rewards later.

Instead of seeking a definite answer, it is wise to seek ways to improve our life—whether it is love life or in area of career. Instead of asking questions such as ‘When will I meet my soul mate’ or ‘Who is my soul mate?’, it is wise to ask ‘What can I do to bring a soul mate into our life?’ There is a difference between a fortune teller and a tarot reader. Therefore, before booking a reading, it is better to learn whether a tarot reader treat tarot as fortune telling tool or as guiding tool, this way, you can choose a tarot reader that meets your expectations.

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