The Need to Feel Important



It seems that human beings always would like to feel important especially when it comes to relationships. We always are looking for reassurance from our partner, wanting our partner to show how they feel, wanting them to show we are actually important in their heart and to prove that they care for us as much as we care for them. It is not incorrect but where does this need to feel important come from? Is it to make sure that by knowing that they care for us as much as we care for them or by knowing we are important to them just as much they are important to us, that we are sure that the effort we are putting into the relationship is worthwhile? Is it to make sure that our existence actually become meaningful?

It seems that we as human beings have this innate need to feel important and to strike to be remembered. We see human beings striking for the feeling of importance all along history. Kings built monument, the rich donated money to have their names on building; some people have kids just to be remembered by the next generations. It feels like we all need the reassurance for our own existence and we forget to live life as it is. Maybe indeed the only meaning of existence is to live life to the fullest without asking or worrying the real meaning of living and without the need to feel important or to be remembered. After all, we know that we are small parts of the whole galaxy and we will be remembered as a whole, not as an individual. As individuals, we are not important at all or we are very small compare to the whole Universe.

Making sure that our loved ones care for us as much as we care for them is to put meaning into our own relationship and knowing that our efforts put into the relationship is not wasted. Why do we need this reassurance? Is this unconditional love or conditional love? Do we stop loving them if in fact they do not consider us to be as important as we consider them? The best solution might be that we have to BE this love instead of thinking about giving out love or receiving love. We have to avoid wondering whether the things we do or say carry certain kind of meaning or not, we just need to do or say what we need to do or say without worrying where all those things we do or say lead us to. Love asks no return and maybe this is the meaning of love.

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