Twin Flame Runner —running is the best option

When running away from twin flame soul mate connection is the best option.


When you are at the beginning of the runner chaser dynamic stage, sometimes it is difficult to figure out why the twin flame runner runs and it is harder to see actually the runner running is the best option for both of you.


Twin flame union is blessed and protected by the Higher Power. Before the two of you came to this world, the union was bound and sealed by the force and can never be broken. The union is love and only the purest love can exist between the two of you. Since most of twin flames still have issues of their own at the first meeting, they somehow both feel they are not ready for the union and so there seems to be a lot of disharmony within them that has been brought to the surface. The impure energy starts making the twin flames run from each other and finally one twin will break it off. Even though the chaser chase, he/she unconsciously knows separation is inevitable. However the chaser feels the need to solve everything with their counterpart, they feel that the two working on issues is better than working issues on their own, thus, the chaser wants to feel the wholeness again with their counterpart. If they choose to work out their issues together, there might be a time when the push and pull situation happens, this can create a lot of confusions and pains for both parties. Therefore, the twins will surrender and break it off after struggling for some time.

Now, the chaser cannot realize why it has to happen and ‘end’ this way. Actually it is the best option for both parties because by taking a break, both twins can have a chance to interact with others which can facilitate their spiritual growth. The separation can help at least one twin to establish strong connection with Higher Power and higher self and spirit guides. The awakened one will act as a messenger and help the runner understand lessons by energetically passing information to the runner. Of course before the chaser sits down and has a conversation with God, the chaser goes through the collapse of ego and it is a painful stage. But finally the chaser will get up and do the inner work and clear the impure energy thus help clearing the shared energy field of the twins and pass the information to the runner at subconscious level.

Another good thing about separation is that the twins can learn with others without hurting each other. Sometimes when we are learning lessons, we will hurt others or letting others hurt us. Twin flames are not allowed to hurt each other and so they have to learn lessons on their own or by interacting with others. And so the separation is actually a protection in disguise protecting the twin flame union until the twins are ready to open up to pure unconditional love and let this love flow through them.

As a chaser at the early stage of running and chasing dynamic, you might not realize that separation is a way of protecting the union and let you two have space and time to learn on your own without hurting each other. But as you start doing the inner work and work on shedding the old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you, you will come to the point where you realize that separation protects the breaking of the union and prepares for the reunion of the two. It is truly a blessing in disguise.

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