Twin Flame Separation is a Blessing

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Twin Flame separation can be one of the most devastating events that happens in one’s life. Although the souls always know separation is just an illusion, the ego always struggles to find out the reasons why such beautiful thing can happen in one’s life and then be taken away from them. But in this journey, when one makes a decision to work on issues and walk on spiritual path, the answers and reasons will be revealed to them at later stage as to why twin flame separation is necessary and indeed a blessing.

When twin flame separate, it signifies that both twins enter the unique soul training camp. Both twins learn their lessons by interacting with others. Sometimes the people sent to them help them shed the layers of false self and learn to become the true self that the soul has intended them to be. Sometimes they will attract people that resemble their twin counterpart so that they can learn to understand about why their twins acted in a certain way during the time the relationship was active so that they learn to forgive their twin for doing what they were doing. During this training period, the twins learn not only to become their true self but also are trained to meet their twin in the middle on any disagreement they have had before. Therefore, any opposition of certain behaviors or beliefs of the twins will be dissolved because the twins can finally view things from each other’s point of view.

Another good thing about the separation is that both twins have time to fulfill their dreams and also learn to interact with different types of people so that they know their twin counterpart is The One thus there will not be any remorse after the reunion and they are more likely to resist temptation because they know other people do not work well with them in a relationship.

Society and other people act as a training camp for both twins. After they have gained enough experience and reach the higher manifestation of the self, they are ready for twin flame reunion and looking back, both twins will marvel at the wonders of the Universe. If you are in the separation stage now, do not despair, instead, be grateful for this opportunity to become the higher form of yourself and understand that the training you are getting is the best for your soul and your spiritual growth.

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